Installing the kiosk software or central management software

Installing the kiosk software or central management software

Please review this article to download the software

One-click installation: Double-click the exe installation file and follow the installation instructions for quick installation.

Note: If the installation process is blocked by a system firewall or third-party antivirus software, always choose to allow the program to operate. Otherwise, the installation process may fail and become unusable.


·            After the program is installed, the application service is automatically started by default.


·            After the start-up is complete, click the "Copy" button. Open the chrome browser and paste the link to open the application service background. Enter your username and Accessword to log in. (The default username: admin Accessword: 123456) 

·   Application system upgrade: You only need to overwrite and install the application system software version installation package higher than the current version.

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