How to connect the server to the unit

How to connect the server to the unit

Step 1: Install the CMS software in a PC/ Server that is connected to LAN/ WiFI
Step 2: Use the middle mouse button on the unit and login to the unit.
Step 3: Once successfully logged in, go to Login Settings, there will be an option to auto-detect the server. If the unit is not connected to WiFi/ LAN, please use "Setting" button and connect to WiFi.
Step 4: Once WiFi is connected, exit the screen and check if the server IP and device IP address appears on the screen
Step 5: If the server remains undetected, then type the server url from the CMS software (from the PC) into the server IP address textbox.
Step 6: Once this is done, both the device and the CMS software are now connected. 

Further snapshots are available in the user manual as well. Please download or check KB articles for more images with details.

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